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Our Core Attributes

Our Core Attributes

Our employees have adopted seven core values/attributes that reflect our current culture, as well as establishing direction for the future. These attributes are as follows: innovation; cooperation; expertise; customer focus; excellence; integrity; and reliability. We reinforce our desire to maintain this reputation with every individual we hire, every business relationship we begin, and every client we serve.

Innovation describes Torch’s “cutting-edge” atmosphere that encourages employee creativity and thinking outside the box. We allow our employees the freedom to take the necessary risks to implement ideas that will accomplish the task at hand. Cooperation is revealed in Torch’s employees’ unselfish will to achieve common corporate and customer goals—as well as help one another succeed.

We provide expertise to our customers. Torch employees strive to be world-renowned leaders in their fields of expertise. They continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge base and stay abreast of technical advancements and innovations. We have a strong customer focus, recognizing that we exist to support our customers and that we must meet their requirements and needs.

And we believe in excellence. Torch employees achieve the highest levels of performance, always striving to exceed expectations. We are known for our integrity—our employees are honest, trustworthy, dependable, and always strive to do the right thing. Our employees act in such a way as to uphold Torch’s corporate ethics and reputation. Finally, we are reliable, consistently lending our efforts to solve the problem at hand—and support the goals of the company and its customers.

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