Missile Seeker Delivers More Bang for Less Bucks

Missile Seeker Delivers More Bang for Less Bucks

Article as Appeared in the Redstone Rocket, June 19, 2013

This team’s work has resulted in reduced costs, improvements to current and future missile systems, future cost savings and an improved weapon.

AMRDEC, along with its industry partners Dynetics and Torch Technologies Inc., advanced the state-of-the-art of extended range fire and forget missile seeker technology with the in-house development and demonstration of a new seeker design: the un-cooled infrared seeker.

Eric Edwards, director of the Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center, praised the team for its work. He called this an example of what can be done with the right mix of people, funding and focus on doing what many thought was not achievable.

“This is really an effort between WDI (Weapons Development and Integration Directorate), SSDD (System Simulation and Development Directorate), Dynetics and Torch,” he said. “You’re improving the performance of the Javelin, making it cheaper and doing in a significantly reduced time frame.

“It underpins and emphasizes the importance of the S&T investments we make and how that really permeates through everything else we do.”

The team’s new seeker significantly increases the engagement range of man-portable missiles and provides the Soldier with an increased standoff range from their target.

“This new design is a key technology enabler which postures the G Model Javelin cost reduction initiative for success and provides significant capability for the war fighter,” Brig. Gen. Neil Thurgood, program executive officer for Missiles and Space, said.

The new seeker employs commercial off-the-shelf un-cooled imaging infrared which offers a 40 percent reduction in missile seeker cost compared to cooled infrared technology. Additionally, the result of their work provides decision makers with the means to further reduce future costs through competition.

WDI director Steve Cornelius told the team that their work has proven that the government has a legitimate role in the development of this type of technology and hardware and has given the project manager a lot of leverage to ensure the best value to the war fighter.

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