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Torch possesses prototyping capabilities in electromechanical, mechanical, optical, and software systems. We perform state-of-the-art research, development, design, fabrication, testing, and evaluation of electronic, electromechanical, and mechanical partial and full-scale systems. We use the results in concept development, proof of concept, component integration, and live system test and evaluation. We conduct electronic design and fabrication at all levels, including breadboard, brassboard, and flight-qualified printed circuit board (PCB). Results are integrated with mechanical design and machined assemblies to make up the final test articles. Our delivered systems include a multipurpose miniaturized airborne data logger, specialized airborne underwing video pods, multi-band optical flight hardware, sensor registration algorithms, and UAS/weapons control software. All of these programs involve an extensive use of inexpensive Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware and software components.Our specific capabilities in this area include the following:

Optical Systems

Research, development, maintenance, and calibration of specialized ground-based and airborne optical equipment using our 4,000-square foot in-house optics laboratory.

Digital Test Equipment

Research, development, design, and operation of specialized digital test equipment, such as data loggers, autopilots, rocket motor sequencers, and target controllers.

Test Fixtures

Research, development, and design of test fixtures and stations for software-in-the-loop operations, embedded software systems testing, and requirements verification.

Weapon Integration Laboratories

Research, development and maintenance of a bench integration laboratory to test the logical integration of small munitions with aircraft avionics and ground control station software.

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