Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation

Torch provides research, development, engineering, scientific, and analytical disciplines to ensure that developed systems have been properly tested and evaluated. These disciplines include test architecture and scenario design, test planning, test resources and provisioning, pre-mission risk reduction analysis, and post-mission data reduction and analysis. We develop software to parse, reduce, and analyze raw data collected from the tested system. Torch supports a full range of test articles (component, system, system of systems) and test venues (HWIL, flight test, ground test). Our specific capabilities in this area include the following:

Test Architecture and Scenario Design

Operational and threat representative designs that exercise the system under test in an executable, cost-efficient manner, yielding a data set that meets all system evaluation requirements.

Test Resources & Provisioning

Identification, management, and de-confliction of all test resources, such as instrumentation, telemetry, range sensors, communications, and facilities required for successful test execution and data collection.

Pre-Mission Risk Reduction Analysis

Pre-mission risk reduction activities using digital and HWIL simulations, identification and analysis of risk items, and pre-mission checkouts of the system under test.

Post-Mission Data Reduction & Analysis

Reduction and analysis of collected test data to validate test construct or conditions, assess system performance, and identify observed anomalies.

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