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Torch Technologies is pleased to announce it will be continuing its support to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Digital Directorate (AFLCMC/HB) through the follow-on Task Order beginning 18 July, 2023.  Torch is excited to continue to build on its support for the missions undertaken throughout the Digital Directorate. 


Digital Directorate upholds...

The collective Air Force Material Command (AFMC) responsibility to manage and execute the modernization, development, testing, production, fielding, and sustainment of over 130 programs for the United States Air Force (USAF) and foreign allies.

Digital Directorate's Collective Mission...

Automate and accelerate C2 operations for speed and effectiveness, and make the world safer for the Joint Force, our allies, and our nation.

Transition Hiring Activities & Events

To create a smooth transition to Torch, we have provided the following timeline of hiring activities and important events.  Please frequent this page over the course of the next several weeks to stay up to date on the latest news with the transition and activities that you need to complete.  Your adherence to the deadlines below will assist in a swift and easy transition. 

Activity 1 -
Apply to EPASS HB Incumbent Requisition

Due Monday, May 22
Submit your resume to Torch Technologies by applying to the following link.

Apply Here

Activity 2 -
Attend Placement Event

In-person or Virtual
In conjunction with offer letters being developed and emailed to incumbent staff, we will be hosting voluntary placement events to allow each identified staff member the opportunity to meet with Torch HR team members and/or management to discuss any specific elements of Torch benefits or their offer of employment.

Register for an available timeslot through the links below.

In-person - Walltham Center
May 31 - 8:30am-5:00pm EST
June 1 - 8:30am-5:00pm EST

Register Here

June 5 - 8:00am-5:00pm CST
June 6 - 8:00am-5:00pm CST

Register Here

Activity 3 –
Accept Offer Letter & Complete Paperwork

Due Thursday, June 29th
Offers of employment will be sent to personal emails no later than Friday, June 9th.

Accept your offer letter no later than Wednesday, June 14th.
Upon acceptance of your offer you will receive a welcome email directing you to our onboarding system.

Begin to review benefits information to identify what benefit elections you wish to make.

Timely completion of this activity is important to enable a smooth transition.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.

Complete all paperwork by Thursday, June 29th.

Activity 4 –
Register for Orientation

Due Friday, July 7th
Torch Transition Teams will be onsite in the Hanscom area to conduct Onboarding sessions July 10th-11th. We will also hold virtual sessions Friday, July 10th for those supporting other geographical sites, or who are unable to attend an in-person session (i.e. TYD, Military Leave, etc.).

You will only need to register for one session.

You will need to bring a copy of your I-9 documents with you to this session, plus any documents you have completed and need to submit to Torch.

Registration will be conducted through the corresponding link below.

Burlington, MA - July 10-11

Register Here

Virtual - July 14

Register Here

Activity 5 –
Contract Start Date

The EPASS HB effort will transition on Monday, July 17th.

You will report to your duty station as a Torch employee-owner on Tuesday, July 18th.

Activity 6 –
Enroll in Benefits

You will receive information regarding benefits enrollment in your orientation meetings and onboarding portal.

You have 30 days from your start date to enroll in benefits.

Benefits enrollment must be completed no later than Thursday, August 17th to receive benefits for the remainder of 2023.

Thank you!

Thank you for your cooperation in completing these activities.

We are excited to have you on board as part of the Torch EPASS HB Team!

If you have questions or concerns during this transition process, contact our transition team [email protected].

When is my start date?
All EPASS HB incumbents will start with Torch on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.
When will I receive information about benefits and benefit rates?
Once you accept your offer letter from Torch, you will be given access to our Onboarding Portal. There you will have access to our benefits booklet and details of our benefits plans.
If I enroll in company benefits, when will benefits start?
Benefits are effective date of hire. All employees working 30 hours or more/week are eligible for company benefits. You have up to 30 days past your first day of employment to enroll in company benefits.
My benefits end at midnight on Friday with my current employer and I don’t start with Torch until Monday. How do I handle health insurance for my family during this gap?
This is a common scenario. You are encouraged to refill any medications or visit your doctor prior to experiencing this gap, but you will be eligible for COBRA coverage during this time from your previous employer. You have 60 days to elect COBRA continuation coverage after your last day of employment, and if elected the coverage is retroactive back to your last day of coverage, thus removing the gap. If you do not need COBRA coverage during your two-day gap, then there should not be a need to elect and pay for COBRA continuation coverage. If you did have a need, then you could file your COBRA paperwork, pay the premium to your last employer’s plan, and receive the coverage.
Can I negotiate leave?
Torch offers comp time and advanced PTO, in addition to our accrued PTO schedule, that can be used for time away from work. To be fair to all incumbents, we will not negotiate leave accruals.
Can the company buy my PTO balance from my current employer?
Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase your current PTO balance but will work with you on any pre-planned trips that you may have scheduled after contract transition.
Does my service time on contract count towards Torch’s PTO accrual or service time benefits?
At this time, prior service has not been factored into our offerings. However, we are hoping for a long and prosperous relationship with you here at Torch.
What's an ESOP and what does it mean to be 100% employee-owned?
ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan. After you have met eligibility requirements, you will begin to receive compensation, vested over a period of time, through company shares that pay out as cash when you leave the organization. 100% employee-owned means that there is no majority owner, but rather company stock is allocated among all employees.
I travel for my job; is there a travel agency I can use to book my trips?
Yes, Torch partners with Christopherson Business Travel through for business travel. All travelers will set up a profile and make travel plans through this partner. We will have more information about Concur at your orientation.
I am scheduled to be out-of-town or on business travel during my scheduled orientation time. How can I in-process if I am unable to attend an orientation session?
If you find yourself in this situation, please contact your transition team at [email protected].
I don't live or work in a location where an orientation is taking place, how do I in process?
If you find yourself in this situation, please contact your transition team at [email protected]
How long are the orientation sessions? I will have to work to support my customer that day.
The customer’s mission is our top priority, and we are structuring our orientation sessions to be abbreviations of our normal process to accommodate. Therefore, our sessions are designed to be no more than 30-45 minutes in length. The Torch Transition Team will be available at each orientation, past the allotted time, if there are additional questions.
Do you have a question that we haven’t addressed yet?
Please send your question to our Torch Transition Team at [email protected] .

Why Torch is the Right Place for You

At Torch, we seek employees who align with our company values, who are thought-leaders eager for a new challenge, and who are motivated to continually perform their best for our soldiers and for the nation. Here are just a few reasons we believe Torch is the right place for you.


As a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), every full-time employee is granted ownership in the company on top of their normal retirement benefits. This means every employee owns a stake in the success of our customers and the company.


Despite our rapid growth into one of the nation’s largest defense firms, we haven’t lost sight of the employee-owners who make our workplace special. In 2022, we were recognized as one of the nation’s leading workplaces for Millennials.


Whether our employee-owners are organizing community service events or we are meeting with our customers, we are focused on doing the right thing. Through corporate giving and our Torch Helps non-profit we have made a multi-million dollar impact for our local communities.


Our employee-owners are truly “rocket scientists”. We apply our ingenuity to protect our soldiers and our nation. Our company is full of innovators, and over the past two years we have invested millions to expand our engineering and prototyping capabilities.

Torch Technologies is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, genetic factors, military/veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

Torch seek to provide a fully accessible career site. If you need assistance or an accommodation to participate in our application process, please contact us.