Torch Scholarship “Iron Bowl” Challenge

Monday, November 28, 2022

Torch employee-owners participated in our Auburn vs. the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) scholarship fund challenge. This challenge was kicked off at our 20th anniversary tailgate party and ended just in time for Iron Bowl weekend here in Alabama.

John Watson, Torch President, stated, “It is good to give back and pay it forward.” The top employee-owner fundraiser for each school received an Auburn University football signed by Coach Tommy Tuberville, or a basketball signed by the UAH Head Coach John Shulman and all basketball players, respectfully.

Thanks to the generosity of our employee-owners the base goal for each school was met, triggering a corporate match of an additional $7,500 per school. Combined, a total of $44,080 in scholarship funds were raised to support the next generation of scholars. We are thrilled to support these two great universities and an even better cause!

NOTE: In the spirit of friendly competition, UAH did come out on top during the challenge for the total amount received per school. “A bet is a bet,” said Watson (Auburn alumni) as he donned the UAH cap at the winner reveal.