Torch Technologies Supports KTECH Snap-On Tool

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Torch is thrilled to provide a $51,000 gift to KTECH to support their Snap-On training! 

KTECH is hands-on, interactive, one-on-one instruction connecting students to jobs. KTECH is now offering new Snap-on industrial certifications for students. This tool will support the school’s mission to deliver essential job skills employers are looking for.

Snap-on makes premium hand and power tools used by professionals who need the best quality tools to perform work where second best is not an option. In addition to learning new skills, training and certification in Snap-on products can help students stand out at hiring time.

“We are excited to be providing the seeds to develop a training program that will provide the path to good jobs that will lift up the people who complete the program and our communities where they live,” said Bill Roark, Torch Technologies CEO.

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